Veiled Fens

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The Veiled Fens are a swampland located between Wellsgrove and Brookglade. It covers a large portion of territory and even comes close to reaching the area surrounding Stonepoint.

The area is dangerous and a large portion of it is not traversable by foot. Most travel done in the swamplands is done via boat. Many local fishers and hunters have second jobs ferrying adventurers and other travelers through, around or to specific locations locations withing the swamplands.

Who or what lives within the swamplands is not fully known. However there are a small amount of reliable sources on what has been encountered in the swamplands.

Several tribes of Grippli live throughout the swamplands and some of them are known to trade with adventurers and smaller settlements. Some of the Grippli are known to commit banditry, although these Grippli are fewer in numbers. There are rumors, however, that some of the younger Grippli have joined together and founded a new more unlawful tribe more focused on criminal activities.

Many residents of Wellsgrove work hunting and capturing alligators in the Veiled Fens. It is a very lucrative trade business, although rumors abound (as they usually do) about there being a more insidious reason for why the hunters of alligators garner such a high price for their prey.

The few civilized inhabitants of the swamplands live their by choice. It is a place to be forgotten or a place to be left alone. Rumors abound of a witch doctor or two living in the swamps. Other rumors abound that one or more of the hags from the Coven of Hag’s Cove still live on in these swamplands.

Veiled Fens

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