Lumber Consortium's Main Camp

The Lumber Consortium Camp cuts an ugly scar of stumps into a dense stand of proud darkwood trees. Five sturdy-looking log buildings— seemingly a bunkhouse, meal hall, office, barn, and smithy stand with numerous wide carts and sleds amid the sawdust-covered clearing.

Owned and operated by the local Lumber Consortium, the camp appears as callous and unrelenting as the men who work it. Visitors without direct business with the camp foreman are typically sent packing by the first band of surly loggers they encounter.

The camp foreman, Jarlsben Trookshavits, looks over the lumber operations from his filthy office, which is thickly decorated with taxidermies of fierce forest animals.

When the party approached the impatient foreman regarding where they could find ingredients for the remedy to cure the blackscour taint in Brookglade he sent for Rhoddam immediately.

Milon Rhoddam, a blunt, quiet man, is one of the most experienced wanderers and woodsmen in the region. His nephew had taken ill with blackscour taint and, after the party explained they were attempting to locate reagents for a cure, he gladly sketched them a rough map of the forest, marked the location of where he believed Ulizmila’s Hut, the oldest tree in the forest, and the dwarven ruins could be found.

Lumber Consortium's Main Camp

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