Murgol Stonegaze


When not wearing his hood or robe (always worn outside) it is readily apparent that Murgol is the result of possible inbreeding. It is hard to stare him in the face for any extended period of time, which is possibly due to the missing teeth, the uneven ears, the large nose, or maybe even the unusually strong smell of body odour that just makes you avert your nose and then face.


Found mining underneath the Cult of Slandrais’ place of worship. Murgol was busy mining Living Steel from a tree there along with 8 other members of the illustrious Stonegaze clan! He groveled at the feet of the very powerful Sumak when he personally appeared in their mining area. He was reprimanded by the Stonegaze clans spiritual leader almost immediately however. After continuing to mine, but secretly trying to listen to the powerful Sumak’s conversation with the tall muscular task master he was eventually given the honor after being picked for his most excellent grovelling skills to direct the horses of the wagon that would bring the powerful Sumak and his prisoners; a strange cat man and a putrid looking green skinned man to the place with trees. Strange that the powerful smart Sumak almost had Murgol go to the place with the men in armor… very strange, good thing Murgol was there to make sure he went to the place with trees!

Murgol Stonegaze

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