Ver Veris

Area with wellsgrove

The largely unexplored continent of Ver Veris is a massive landmass that exists west of the rest of the known world, beyond the Vernum Ocean. Exploration of the continent has recently begun by agents of the nation of Engova as well as the nation of Thenton in hopes of making profit from the relics found there amongst other natural resources. Rumors persist that both nations hired explorers to map out the continent, but who are really being sent out to find suitable locations for larger human colonies.

Hidden within the wild and untamed land are the desolate ruins of the fallen Sumatron Empire. After battling the Fey courts the Sumatron Empire was destroyed by infighting and mysterious reasons lost to time.

The orcs of Stonepoint trace their origins to the continent itself. Stonepoint being the capitol of the nation Equitas. Wellsgrove was the original capitol of Equitas, but was abandoned due to unknown reasons. Residents of Equitas are still quick to point out that Wellsgrove was once theirs even though they have largely abandoned the city.

Ver Veris is now a continent mostly inhabited by orcs, half-orcs, Ius and half-elves with a small amount of humans and goblinoids. The humans having arrived to find a more suitable location to live in and the goblinoids coming as refugees from Tylweth Teg. The eastern border is where most of the settlements are located. The further west traveled the more unexplored territory and danger there is to find. It is a wild and untamed place, rumored to be filled with unimaginable treasures.


Geographical Areas of Note

Ver Veris

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