Sunday, 30 Gozran, 4711 A.R. – Day charter was issued to party and they departed from Wellsgrove.

Moonday, 1 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Toliday, 2 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Wealday, 3 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Oathday, 4 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Fireday, 5 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Starday, 6 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Sunday, 7 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party traveling with caravan to Brookglade.

Moonday, 8 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party was ambushed by elven bandits. They met a new companion and interrogated 2 captured bandits who serve someone named the Stag Lord. They kept one of the bandits bound and gagged. The other one was killed by Atraxian in cold blood. They continued on to Brookglade on foot.

Toliday, 9 Desnus, 4711 A.R.Biere discovered a rapier on the corpse of a decaying creature. Having gone into the woods after hearing strange giggling the rest of the party had misgivings regarding the sword Biere returned with. The party continued on foot to the town of Brookglade.

Wealday, 10 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Encountered an unknown reptilian creature who attempted to extort tolls from the party for passing over its makeshift bridge. After the party realized the trolls threatening them were in fact wooden cut outs, they threatened the creature who then ran off and left a pile of random “treasure” for the party. The party continued on foot to the town of Brookglade.

Oathday, 11 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – The party continued on foot to the town of Brookglade.

Fireday, 12 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party arrived in Brookglade just before sunset. They brought the bandit they had captured to the sheriff who allowed Atraxian to execute the bandit. They arrived at Baleson’s where they discovered the town was suffering from some sort of illness, which seems to be emanating from a poisoned well. Atraxian spoke to the local healer to see if there is any way we can be of assistance.

Starday, 13 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party received a list of ingredients for a cure to the disease afflicting the town. The party acquired a map of Harridan Vale with the ingredients locations from Milon Rhoddam after visiting the Lumber Consortium’s Main Camp. They acquired some elder moss from the Forest Elder although they had to fight a Moss troll to acquire it. Afterwards they traveled to Ulizmila’s Hut where after fighting an inanimate cauldron off they were able to acquire the second ingredient for the cure, a rat’s tail. The party spent the night camping inside of the old witch’s hut.

Sunday, 14 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party arrived at Droskar’s Crucible. They cleared out the monastery’s ground level. They found the last ingredient for the cure for the disease in Brookglade, ironbloom mushrooms. They fought several creatures and decided to camp and sleep in the old chapel for the night. Overnight the party heard some movement outside.

Moonday, 15 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Discovered evidence in the morning that the movement they had heard was a quad of half-vampires who left the mark of a vampire lord known to have a taste for dwarven blood. The party buried the dwarven bodies they found in the rooms on the ground floor of Droskar’s Crucible. Some of the party explored some rooms they had not yet checked and gotten into a small fight with an unknown creature assumed to be a kobold. They discovered a pool of blood used to travel by the half-vampires outside of the monastery. On the way back to Brookglade the party ran into The Knights Three. The party arrived in town late and brought the ingredients to Laurel. They agreed to come back in the morning for the agreed compensation.

Toliday, 16 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Laurel turned out to have been replaced by an unknown con woman by the name of Bela. Bela fled in the middle of the night, but surprisingly left the agreed payment with a note thanking them with instructions on how to reverse the illness in Brookglade. They discovered Laurel’s corpse in the basement underneath Roots and Remedies stuffed in a chest.

The party discovered that 5 children were missing in Brookglade. After asking around the party was told to investigate Elara’s halfway house. They discovered Elara dead in the basement of the burned down building. They discovered tracks leading to a destroyed camp with signs of a struggle. They met Jeva. They then followed the tracks of the children to Droskar’s Crucible. The party decided to camp on the ground floor of the monastery before descending into the depths below the monastery.

Wealday, 17 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Fought through the caverns below Droskar’s Crucible. They discovered Jeva was in fact a werewolf when Atraxian stabbed her from behind. The party rescued the children after many fights and fought off the fake dragon king. They inadvertently restored the real dragon king to his real form. They then camped outside before returning the following day to Brookglade.

Oathday, 18 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – The party returned to town and returned the children to their respective homes. They were invited to an honorary feast at the manor of Forster Edwards in thanks for returning the children, especially his own son Jurin.

Fireday, 19 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – The party spent time selling a few items they had acquired on their adventures and at the end of the day they went to Forster Edwards‘s manor for the feast. The party met the missing children’s families, feasted on owlbear and other delicacies. After dinner they were each given a gift by Forster Edwards from his personal treasure room. After the gifts were given the party was attacked by a monstrosity from the dwarven monastery who had followed them there seeking the chain Biere Stonegaze was still holding onto. The creature crashed through the glass ceiling of the dining hall, but was easily dispatched by the party. They destroyed the chain, which put a permanent end to the undead creature. The party decided to rest at the Sitting Duck even after some of them gambled at The Rouge Lady.

Starday, 20 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Party left for the Bound Wildwood to complete their charter to explore. Along the way they had to cross part of the River Beldam after a waterfall next to Monotok Ridge. The party was confronted by a group of firearm wielding goblins from Tylweth Teg. They challenged the party to a one on one battle. Kastin battled with Krakish and won, which allowed the party to pass without paying the goblins toll. They arrived at the Riverbend outpost outside the outskirts of the Bound Wildwood. They discovered everybody except Sven dead with their eyes burned out of their heads at the outpost, the culprit being a creature called a Lurker in the Light. They helped set Sven’s broken leg and then slept the night in the main building.

Sunday, 21 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – The party woke up in the morning to discover Sven looking for his dog among the dead corpses. The party decided to build a pyre to burn the bodies of the deceased. While moving one of the bodies, who was dressed in the garb of a wizard, the party discovered sutures behind the right ear when his robes fell away. The man appeared to have had his skin removed and then sewn back on, or perhaps even another person’s skin. Disturbed the party asked Sven more regarding the man. Sven informed the party that a couple of days prior to the tragedy with the strange fey creature the man had received a delivery from a woman who had signed into the outpost’s logbook as Laurel. The party was gifted with 4 charm necklaces, which are currently worn by Aarevan, Aemilia, Biere, and Liriel. Sven claimed they would defend against the tricks of the fey in the Bound Wildwood. The party then left to explore.

The party explored for the rest of the day and while mapping out part of the forest they discovered an enchanted clearing with an old Thenton knight, Sir Aloysius. They discovered that the clearing allowed you to enter, but after you entered you could not leave. However the party learned that the charms they had received from Sven did in fact work. The party members with the charms were immune to the enchanted clearing and managed to coax the old knight out of the clearing. He had been there for 1200 years and appeared to be 70-75 years in age even though he believed himself to be 27 years in age.

The party camped for the night and the evening Biere was attacked by an owlbear while camping by himself 300 feet away from the rest of the party. The party thought him dead, but he was in fact very much alive when he showed up in the morning (to the dismay of some).

Moonday, 22 Desnus, 4711 A.R. – Current day. Party has awoken in the morning and plan on exploring another part of the Bound Wildwood.


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