An old fort located on the border of the Bound Wildwood. Ever since the old logging town of Danan Esh was abandoned, it has acted as a central point for the few people who have attempted to live in the wilderness as well as a stopping point for the people who come through with dreams of exploration and adventure. Never more than a stockade with a small tower at each it provides basic accommodation.

The walls are a 10ft high palisade, while the towers are 20 feet tall. There is a walkway around the walls and across the towers about 4 feet below the top of the palisade, so that defenders have some cover, but can still see what is going on. The towers are roughly 20feet square, open at the back and have a flat roof about 16 feet above the ground.

The Stables – The largest building on site it is 50’ by 25’ and has five good sized stalls – for 2sp per night you can stable a horse here. The price includes a decent feed and a complementary rub down.

The Shed – Roofed over with partially enclosed sides The Shed holds goods ready for transportation. Anything that can be crated for transportation, such as pelts, leather or furs, gets stored in here.

The Guest House – This plain building is the old barrack house – one single room with enough bunk beds to sleep twelve people. There is little or no privacy, but it is dry warm and dry – the beds are basic, but they are clean and reasonably comfortable. 5 SP a day gets you a bed, a simple breakfast and a bowl of stew for dinner.

The Main Building – It holds the main store rooms, the offices, the bedroom and the kitchens of whomever is in charge of this checkpoint.

Recent Events

The party has arrived at the old fort and discovered the 2 guards standing in front of the entrance to the fort propped up against the walls. When checked properly it was revealed that the 2 guards were in fact dead and removing their helmets revealed their eyes had been burned out of their sockets.

After cautiously entering the fort the party discovered fourteen more dead men, four dead horses, and two dead oxen, all with their eyes burned out lying in the courtyard. After examining the horror Liriel noted that based on the way they had all died so suddenly with their eyes all burned out that it was possibly a creature known as a Lurker in the Light.

After this short discussion the party noticed that two of the buildings had doors ajar, but one — the storage shed — was securely closed. Atraxian approached the door and calling out with the rest of the party, so as not to startle a possible survivor attempted to open the door. The person inside narrowly missed shooting Atraxian with a firearm. The firearm left a large hole in the wooden door which revealed to the party a man propped up against the far wall clutching a musket.

The man later revealed to be Sven was overly paranoid after many of the people staying at the old fort had been murdered by a strange fey creature and before coming out of the shed or talking to any of the party he demanded to see them prick their fingers and show him the color of their blood. Put at ease by seeing the color of their blood Sven came out of the shed and allowed the party to help him set his broken leg.

They asked him a few things about what happened to which he revealed some sort of light like creature appeared and at which point most of the people outside (including the animals) had their eyes burned from their sockets. He was lucky enough to have been in the shed where he hid for a time. When he was going to come out he heard bandits coming and ran to hide again, which is when he tripped and broke his leg. He managed to barricade the door and used the musket he had scrounged from the corpse of one of the dead adventurers to defend himself.

He passed out and in the morning the party discovered Sven had a basset hound named Olaf who had run off into the woods after the events with the strange fey creature. Sven then gave the party 4 charm amulets to ward off the magics and charms of the fey creatures they might encounter while exploring the Bound Wildwood. He also agreed to look after Kastin’s mule until she returned.

The outpost has recently been taken over by forces from Thenton.

The forces are led by a man named Sir Garland. A silver clad from the church of Sterling. He was sent to the Riverbend outpost on orders from the viceroy of Lochwell Genmel.


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