House Rules

Broken Bones: When hit with a weapon that deals bludgeoning type damage there is a chance the creature or character damaged will break a bone. On a max damage roll for the dice (example: character is hit by a human bandit wielding a club and the human rolls a 6 on the 1d6 of damage) then the character has a 5% chance of breaking a bone.

To determine the area with a broken bone roll on this table.

D100 Location Effect
1-16 Arm A broken arm causes 1d6 points of Dexterity damage and 1d6 points of Strength damage. The break renders the arm useless until healed
17-33 Chest Broken bones in the chest mean you have had your ribs broken which deals 2d4 points of Constitution damage and exhausts the target.
34-50 Hand A broken hand deals 1d6 points of Dexterity damage. The break renders the hand useless until healed.
51-67 Jaw A broken jaw causes 1d4 points of bleed damage. Until the bone is mended, the target is unable to use its mouth to attack, speak clearly, and employ verbal spell components.
68-84 Leg A broken leg knocks the creature prone. The blow renders the leg entirely useless until healed. A creature with a broken leg moves at half speed until its leg is healed; otherwise, it cannot stand up and must crawl to move.
85-100 Neck A broken neck deals 2d6 Strength and 2d6 Dexterity damage. If the targeted ability score is reduced to 0 the creature is paralyzed until the break is healed.

Healing spells will not fix the broken bones.

A bone can be healed naturally by setting the bone (DC 15 heal heck) and then resting.

It can also be healed by using magic. A casting of Mending is sufficient to heal one broken bone while a casting of Make Whole can be used to mend all broken bones on a targeted creature.

Called Shots → Ever want to blind a Cyclops by shooting an arrow in its only eye? Perhaps you’ve thought of grounding a flying dragon by targeting its wings? Now you can!

Piecemeal Armor → Like the look of the shin guards, but not the shoulder plates of the set of armor you just found? No worries! You can now mix and match.

Words of power → Sorcerers and other spontaneous casters use words of power. Players can choose to use normal casting, but the majority of spontaneous arcane casters (bards and sorcerers) use this system to perform magic.

House Rules

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