Kastin Eldyth

Suli kensai



Kastin Eldyth was trained at the prestigious Four Quarters Academy in Ghist, capital of the Five Isles. When her spellcasting ability proved sub-par, she was assigned lessons with Master Urtar, who focused on training the young woman to be deadly with a bastard sword, occasionally supplemented with spellcasting. Unconventionally, he eschewed the use of armor, preferring his student learn to strike quickly and move away from an enemy’s counter-attacks before they hit. This has not always proven effective.

At the age of 21, Kastin graduated and was given the rank of First Flame, a junior officer position. She was assigned to travel the continent to the north-west of the Five Isles, leaving behind everything and everyone she has ever known. She took to this task with reluctance, but has been doing her best to send complete, informed reports in the hopes that her assignment will be temporary.

In-character stories

Learning to Play: A story relating Kastin’s training at the Academy, recollected as she plays a game of siege with Biere Stonegaze.
Pieces Falling into Place: Kastin and Aarevan play a game of siege and get to know each other better.

Physical Appearance

Kastin can almost be mistaken for human, when viewed at a distance by someone who is not particularly familiar with humans. In fact, she is a Suli, descended from the Jinn. Her skin is light brown criss-crossed with subtle gold birthmarks, which are often mistaken for tattoos. Her fingernails are an alabaster white flecked with silver. Her eyes change between vivid, not-generally-seen-in-nature colors, depending on her mood. Her copper hair can sometimes be seen blowing softly in the breeze, even if the wind is completely still.

She tends to wear lose, comfortable clothing, sturdy boots, and no armor. A bastard sword is her most notable piece of equipment, the hilt sticking up from a scabbard across her back. She is quite strong, and seems to have no problems wielding the large sword one-handed.

Kastin is often seen traveling with her pack-mule, Tob.

Roleplaying Notes

You are doing your best on an unpleasant, unwanted assignment. You never forget that you are a commissioned officer, a graduate of the Four Quarters Academy, and all that entails… even if no one you’ve met on the mainland has any idea that the Academy even exists. You strive to maintain yourself professionally even in difficult circumstances. At the same time, however, you know that the struggles of the mainland are not your struggles. Unless there are innocent lives at stake, it matters little to you who wins their frequent wars. Unless your superiors tell you otherwise, your mission is intelligence gathering, not vigilantism.

Kastin Eldyth

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