Catfolk archaeologist


Aarevan is the youngest of a litter of three catfolk, born on the 18th of Gozran, 4693 A.R. His mother was a sub-chief of the Billi Tribe, a village of catfolk roughly one day’s journey out of Wellsgrove. Following their mother around the village, Aarevan and his siblings were part of the village life from an early age. Before they could speak, they were already being groomed for leadership of the village or somewhere similar. While the meritocratic catfolk certainly had no hereditary leadership, Aarevan’s ancestors had long been leaders among the catfolk, and early on, it became apparent that Aarevan was not a carrier of that proud tradition. Although he showed an admirable cleverness and way with people, none could mistake Aarevan for a natural leader. Whimsical, flighty, and easily distracted, Aarevan made for a poor student of his mother’s lessons in economics, tactics, and philosophy. For all that he did not follow in his mother’s footsteps, it was readily apparent to the whole of the village that Aarevan did have his own set of gifts, and none were more acutely aware of this than the village storyteller.

The young catfolk rapidly grew bored and fidgety trailing behind his siblings, but could sit at the storyteller’s feet for hours without moving or speaking. Although Aarevan would sit enraptured by all manner of stories, his greatest fascination lay not with the made-up stories of the campfires, but with the ancient and half-forgotten histories of the catfolk. At the age of ten, Aarevan formally became an apprentice of the old storyteller, and at the age of fourteen took the uncommon step of leaving the village to go to the nearest university, Brasenout College, to study history.

Now in his eighteenth year, Aarevan is a newly graduated historian whose burgeoning expertise comes almost exclusively from books; precious little of his knowledge is based on actual field (or life) experience. Rather than stay with the university and pursue a scholarly career, which would be an ill-fit for his temperament in any case, Aarevan has set out on the road to make a name for himself as an archaeologist. His greatest passion in life is to follow historical clues in search of lost secrets of fallen civilizations, and he dreams of being the one to uncover the answer to some mystery which has stymied scholars for generations.

A die-hard pragmatist, Aarevan’s first move upon leaving the sheltered halls of the university was to make contact with other youths looking for adventure. Aarevan believes that the life of an adventurer will prove to be a short-cut to the secrets he dreams of finding… who else spends so much time searching through ancient ruins, after all? Aarevan has no illusions about the danger associated with this lifestyle, however, and he made certain that he joined up with travelers who look to be able to handle themselves in combat.

Roleplaying Notes

Everything in your life centers around one singular obsession: the need to ask, ‘what happened next?’ You believe that there is nothing in the whole world more exciting than history, and the more mysteries and unanswered questions, the better. The whole reason that you’re on the road is to get out there, explore fallen cities, uncover lost documents, and come home with ancient artifacts. You’re one of the rare adventurers who really isn’t in it for the money; you’d rather see a priceless treasure go to a museum than be sold to pay for a new sword. That said, you’re a pragmatist, and you’ve heard enough adventurers’ stories to have a realistic idea of the challenges ahead of you.

You don’t think of yourself as a fighter, but you carry your races’ predatory instincts in your heart. In combat, stay out of the way and use the terrain to your advantage so that you can get yourself into position for that one perfect attack. When you see an opening, strike hard, strike fast, and leave your enemies with opened throats and empty purses. Leave the real fighting to your companions, if at all possible; that’s the whole reason you’re traveling with them, after all.

Near-Death Experiences

  • Shot by “lucky arrow”
  • Mirrored damage from Garm
  • Fireballed by elder thing
  • Strangled by cavelight moss


Pieces Falling into Place: Kastin and Aarevan play a game of siege and get to know each other better.


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